It's Always Complicated
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Confessions of a Teenager Girl || I'm eighteen and this is personal || I track the tag s0livealittle

I woke up at five this morning my body intwined with yours. A part of my heart was so happy because you’re warm, here and mine… And that’s all that matters. But a part of me was also very sad because today you leave and the last six days were so completely perfect and I couldn’t imagine a better week. I know this time well only be apart for eleven days which is nothing since we’ve gone months, but my stomach still clenches at the thought of saying goodbye. I’m holding out and holding on to the prospect of having you by my side every morning I wake up one day, never having to say goodbye and having it be more than a few hours. Thank you for visiting babe, I had such a magical time and I hope you did too. I love you so much.

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