It's Always Complicated
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Confessions of a Teenager Girl || I'm eighteen and this is personal || I track the tag s0livealittle


don’t let boxes confine you. don’t let people’s little stereotypes tell you the person you have to be. ‘well… your dad was a quiet guy, so you will be one too.’ or maybe your mom was quiet and you are loud and your sister is tough and your brother is sensitive. maybe you are expected to party hard because a test labeled you ‘outgoing’ or you are supposed to act as a recluse because someone once called you ‘shy.’ labels can help clarify things, but only if they are written in dry erase, only if there is room for growth and change and days where we decide we don’t want to be that way. if we pretend these labels are permanent, they stop helping and they destroy us. they erase us. they give us a black and white name instead of a name full of color and life and three dimensional qualities. you are not one thing. don’t ever feel forced to be one thing. you are lots of things, loud things, quiet things, tough things, kind things. you can grow and be different if you want to. be who you are in the situation at hand, no matter the label that has been given to you in the past. i’m bored of my box and i erased the old labels and wrote new ones instead. …

I’ve been thinking about Jesus so much lately. Especially late at night. I think about “grace upon grace” and how I can run to him in all times. Often i think of my budding faith, dry and cracked for so long, but blooming furiously now that I’ve fallen in love with a mighty God. I think about his arms, much depicted like the Christ Redeemer statue, spread wide ready to embrace me. I think of all the promises that have been made to me from him and while I still question them sometimes, I am learning his faithfulness everyday. I think about how beautiful and lovely he must be. And then I also sit and am so humbled by the fact that such an astounding God choose to love a wretched, broken me.

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